I'm f*cking delirious


"Aw, you guys are so cute"

"I know!"


Emma Approved | episodes 31-40
Although I haven’t seen him in more than ten years, I know I’ll miss him forever..

olicity week → day three: favorite episode

What I know is that you and I were one of the few things, perhaps the only thing, that ever made total and complete sense in my life. That’s what I know.


Chloe and Oliver’s green leather secret

Smallville - 6.10 & 6.11

he came wanting an explanation as to why you did what you did and you threw gas on the fire

Favorite female characters

Chloe Sullivan

"You know, in every epic tale, there’s always one person who believes in the hero first - someone who helps inspire them to greatness. And maybe it wasn’t just a fluke with you. I’ve been thinking that’s my true calling - finding heroes and helping them realize their true potential beyond the reach of Watchtower."