I'm f*cking delirious

i’m so not okay with this. [guys, go.]
n o . nope, still  n o t   o k a y  with it.

                  n o t   g o i n g   a n y w h e r e.

I do love him. And I love his daughter, and I want to protect her.

Mindy Lahiri + blindfolds

Timmy Olyphant on Conan [9.15.2014]

How many kids do you have?

Seth: You had to often do the hardest job at SNL, because you were such a good impressionist and you played so many political figures, you had to start the show. You were in so many cold opens. Which you always talked about how stressful they were.

Bill: I hated doing cold opens

Nikita Meme - [3/9] characters ⇢ Ryan Fletcher

A low-level analyst who was killed, resurrected in a hole filled with criminals and murderers. A low-level analyst who’s gone up against the MSS, FBI, CIA, ordered heads of state executed, even kidnapped the President of Uzbekistan from inside the White House. All while living under the threat that someone like you would come in here and put a bullet in my head. So believe me when I tell you, Vasquez, that file you read is in desperate need of revision.